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For All of Your Pet’s Needs

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At CityPaws Animal Hospital, we believe it’s our responsibility to provide the highest level of service and care for your beloved companion. We are proud to offer a number of specialty services to bridge any gaps in your pet's health care needs.

These includes correcting troublesome behavior, assessing nutritional and exercise needs, and utilizing acupuncture to provide relief to pets suffering from chronic conditions.

Nutrition and Exercise

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Maintaining a healthy weight for your pet can be a challenge. Few animals have the same nutritional needs throughout their lives, and your pet may require the help of a caring professional at some point.

Obesity can result in serious problems for your pet. Overweight pets are at a significantly higher risk for chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and arthritis, which can shorten their lives and affect quality of living. At CityPaws, we offer nutritional counseling to help you and your pet develop a diet that is perfect for his or her lifestyle and nutritional needs. We also work with you to develop an exercise plan to achieve and maintain your pet's optimal weight.

A fit pet is a happy pet, and your pet deserves the best. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Behavioral Counseling

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Allowing your pet to indulge every animal instinct is not the best approach to caring for him or her. In this respect, some guidance may be necessary to support the happiness and wellbeing of your companion. At CityPaws, we offer professional behavioral counseling to provide you with the proper tools to fine-tune your pet's behavior.

We can help you deal with a variety of issues, including separation anxiety, aggression, and housebreaking. Our methods are effective, positive, and results-driven, and we're well-equipped to help your pet become a true member of your family.